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Re: Published Accounts of the Fw 200 C-3 A Critique on Water-Methanol Injection

This discussion shows how poorly German piston engines are covered in literature, including apparently German literature. "Vacuum cleaners" (=jets) get extremely detailed coverage, yet far more important piston egines get third-rate research.

To nitpick the above post, it contians an error far too many people make and that is the referral to 100+ octane fuels that never existed as the maximum octane rating possible is 100. Any ratings above 100 are expressed in Performance Numbers (PN). The difference is very significant for the PN is liner while octane number is not. I.e. a fuel with a PN of 200 (there is a formula to convert octane numbers to PN) is 100 % more effective in suppressing detonation than a 100 PN fuel while a 100 octane fuel vs. 50 octane the difference is not 100 %.
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