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Angry Re: List of StaKa's I./ZG 1, Erpr.Gr.210, I./SKG 210, I./ZG 1.

Originally Posted by Eugen Gross
But how can I explain this note:

19 Septeber 42 - Oblt. Theo Kehl, MiA, Bf 110 F-2, Shot down by Russian fighters behind enemy lines South of Kotluban railway station.

How he could be StaKa 3./ZG 1 at same time as Tratt??????????????

Thanks for attention,
With best wishes, Evgenij.
I admit to an error in my 'Sting of the Luftwaffe' book. In the Namentliche Verlustmeldung (which I have just looked up) Kehl is not shown as Staka of 1./ZG 1. My mistake. Damn!!!
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