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Re: Photo online: Bf 109 E-7 w.3, 8./JG 5, May 1942

Hi, John!

Please do not hesitate !!

IF the aircraft has a yellow code, the only possible unit belonging in the north at this time would be 6. Staffel of II. Gruppe.

Looking at the scene in more detail, my opininon of this loss is that this is an aircraft that was belly landed with a stopped engine, judging by the position and damage of the propeller blades. Also, this would not have happened in rough terrain, as the damage to the fuselage and aircraft as a whole would have been much greater.

So - broadening the 'search' would indicate that we are looking for an aircraft belly landed on one of the airfields operated by the Luftwaffe spring/summer 1942... provided the aircraft wasn't belly-landed during the winter and what we see is an aircraft recovered from a landing on for example ice and brought to the airfield in the spring....


Are we all comfortable with the given location? Titovka??

Anderas B
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