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Re: 10.(N)/JG 2 later IV.(N)/JG 2 Emblem

The linked is I believe a rare in-flight photo of the 10.(N)/JG 2 Bf 109 D-1 aircraft coded "10+N" presumably in a mock dogfight with another Bf 109 D-1 of the same Staffel. Barely visible are the Staffel/Gruppe's owl emblem on the engine cowling and the JG 2 Richthofen emblem beneath the cockpit, which is somewhat unusual position for the JG 2 night-fighting Staffel - note that the more common position of the emblem was under the cockpit. The photographic evidence in the aforementioned Mombeeck book proves however that the Bf 109 D-1 of 10.(N)/JG 2 initially (i.e., while the aircraft were having the RLM 70/71/65 camouflage) had the Richthofen emblem in the former position. Source: an expired eBay auction. As discussed on the TOCH here:

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