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Post 1.(F)/122 losses on 23/11/1939


I'm working on a new article for my weblog, about the recce plane lost by the Luftwaffe on 23rd novembre 1939. I had trouble with 1(F)./122 losses. I found 4 aircrafts :
  • 1 He 111 damaged by Dutch fighters (Fokker G.I ?) and crashlanded ;
  • 1 He 111 which struck lightning cable approching its airfield and landed damaged;
  • 1 He 111 shot down by AA fire from Scapa Flow ;
  • 1 He 111 lost without trace during reconnaissance flight over a Home fleet's port.
The first two loses are documented by Peter Cornwell in his book The battle of France then and now. I also found them with little more details on the luftwaffedata's page about Auflärungsgruppe 122. Does someone know with Dutch fighter damaged the He 111 ?

I found the two others on a French magazine : Batailles Aériennes n° 3 (1998). But there is no trace on the Internet or elsewere in my books. Does someone have details about them ?
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