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Questions you'd possibly like asked to 5 x P-51, 2 x P47 and 2 x P-40 Pilot in August

In August I hope to attend a reunion of the 325th Fighter group in California. I know at some point I stand a chance of speaking at reasonable length to some of them and I have already asked a lot of questions to them by email (and interviewed on camera).

However my questions may not necessarily be the one's that a community of aviation fans would be interested in so if I get a chance to ask questions (and no promises here!) is there anything you can think of that you would like to know about their service and the aircraft they flew?

Those currently expected to attend are:
P-51 Pilot's will include Barrie S. Davis (P-47 (No victories) and P-51 Ace), Art Fiedler (P-51 Ace), Jerry Edwards (P-51, P-47 and P-40 Pilot 4-Victories), Jack Sherbourne (P-51 Pilot), Tom Batey (P-51 and F-86 Sabre), Ron Dove (P-40 and P-47), Clarance Coonce (Armourer) and Ed Doss (Crew Chief).

Once again I cannot promise to ask all the questions but if there is anything that is of interest to you and I have a chance to ask the question, please post it here and I will post a link to their replies as-soon as I can after the event.

Cheers, MP
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