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Re: Questions you'd possibly like asked to 5 x P-51, 2 x P47 and 2 x P-40 Pilot in August

On the final evening of the 2009 Camarillo Airshow I was invited along to a Barbecue at Art's house, where along with Monguse, we took the chance to set up a video camera and record Art talking about some of his time in the USAAF.

That video was part of the "Checkertails" Documentary/Movie, released in 2010 and Part 2 in September 2012.

After the video interview, I asked if it was okay to leave the sound recorder running while he chatted with guests at the meal, and with a beaming smile Art said "Sure!".

You'll be glad to know that I have edited away the dead space (walking around, nothing being said, etc,etc) and left in just the conversation related to his time in the USAAF.

Covered in this audio file are P-47 gunnery training, P-51 wing snapping (or lack of it), engine noise, flames on exhausts, weapon and tracer load-out, the use of long range fuel tanks as weapons, plus many other topics.

Asking most of the questions is myself, but the other voices you will here are 325th_Swoop and Monguse (he comes in right at the end asking about P-51 markings).

Guys, the audio you will hear was all recorded at a Barbecue, so there is background noise going on, but Art was fully mic'd up so when he and I talk, all the voices are very clear and the background chatter is just ambient.

The file is just under 30-minutes long, and is compressed in mp3 format, and is 26mb in file-size.

I hope you enjoy listening to Art talk about some of his incidents as much as those gathered there did, he truly is a remarkable man and it was a real honour to spend time talking with him.

The audio starts as 325th_Swoop has just told me he is 62-years old and is learning to fly a Helicopter. Art then comes over and the conversation gets going.

BTW Swoop didn't look a day under 62 (kidding..he must have had an easy life!)

Cheers, MP
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