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Re: Using Y-Intercepts to research the Luftwaffe

Some of these files are reproduced int he HW 13 series (around part 96 for bomber and recon). These have similar details and are set out in a similar fashion with the columns: unit, take-off, attack, landing, no., type, area references and other remarks.

Some of the information is quite detailed and contains specific times, number of aircraft and actual callsigns, for others it is rather meagre. The following units are mentioned to varying degrees (at least in HW13 96):

3., 4./121
1., 3./122
1., 3./123
Recce Kette Africa

2., 3./125
2., 3./126
1., 5./196
1., 2., 3./506
1., 2./906

II., IV./KG 2
I./KG 4
I., II./KG 26
I., II./KG 27
KG 28 (?)
Stab., II., III./KG 30
I., III./KG 40
I., III./KG 51
I./KG 53
II./KG 54
II./KG 55
Stab., II., III./KG 76
SKG 210
KGr 606
I., II., III./LG 1
I./StG 1
II./StG 2
Stab./StG 3

7., III./ZG 76
II./ZG 76
1./NJG 3

The sort of information that can be gained can be as much as the following entry for 5.10.41 for 3./123: "4U+PL TO before 1100 for WR of East Coast between Yarmouth and Sunderland. This aircraft may have been the one unsuccessfully engaged by two Hurricanes 30m NE of Happisburgh between 1125 and 1230. A/C landed by 1500." Likewise it could be as little as "unknown unit. 3+?. no line."

Be warned, a) large files that will take a long time to sort through, and b) just because a unit is listed in the above, doesn't mean there may be any more than a single reference of inconsequential value in the files.
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