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Re: Top Soviet Fighter Ace of the Winter War

As I'm new to this forum, I hope you will forgive me if some of the info I'm posting here has already been evocated or formally denied elsewhere...

I've found sources that differ somewhat from what is given on the website you quoted in this thread (dunno which one is more reliable...), according to these the highest claiming soviet pilots of this conflict were :

- A.D. (Alexandr Dmitrievitch) Bulaev, I-16 pilot who claimed 9 kills in 20 air combats (the website mentions 2+3 shared...), later, with 159 IAP he claimed 15+8 shared in WWII, before being KIA on 17/05/1943.

- V.V. (Vasili Vasilevitch) Efremov, I-15 pilot who claimed 7 kills (including 5 fokker D-XXI, 1 Bristol Bulldog, 1 Bristol Bleinheim), later he claimed at least 10 (12 ?) kills (including a number of shared ones) with 133 IAP in WWII, and survived the war.

Well, that's what I have but this is still not very detailed, and would need to be cross-checked with other sources...
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