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Re: Luftwaffe Captured YAK-3

these three photos were recently discussed in the Russian community.
By several participants eventually managed to establish:
- in all three photographs the same plane that Hans-Verner Lerche experienced and described this fact in memoirs;
- according to German documents - this is Yak-3 Werk.Nr. 0726 with airborne code 7, which was shot down on 22.12.1944 in the area of ​​Zichenau (Ost Prussia) and declared on 25.12.1944 when Berge-Trupp JG51 recovered it. Was in the location of JG51, until OKL Vers.Verband 06.01.45 was sent (by order of 02.01.45). 10.01.45 was relocated.
- according to the Soviet documents - Yak-3 №0726 from the composition 172 IAP 309 IAD 4 VA - junior lieutenant Rybkin Mikhail Grigoryevich - was missing 23.12.1944. He was captured on 23.12.1944 in the Pultusk area. Released from captivity on 06.05.1945.
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