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Re: Hptm Meyer (?) landing a Ju 52 at Maleme on 21st May 1941?

Originally Posted by Black6 View Post
I believed that Hptm Kleye (my note = uncertain name, no DK/G or Ehrenpokal) was a Fallschirm officer who landed on the beach as a passenger in 1Z+DP of 6/KG z bV 1 flown by Meyer ??


Oops yes you are correct, or at least partially correct. In the history of II/KGr zbv I/II Gruppe "Geschichte einer Transportfliegergruppe im zweiten weltkrieg"
it states that Kleye was indeed a paratrooper and the aircraft was 1Z+DP, however the courageous pilot was Feldwebel Hellmuth Grünert so I have no idea where the name Meyer came from.
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