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Re: Soviet Hurricanes - where, when, ...?

Originally Posted by Graham Boak View Post
I didn't realise that the Yugoslavs had Yak 3s. I had read something about the trials but had assumed it was the Yak 9 that was involved.
They had both, but the comparison was made against Yak-3.
Apparently it wasn't a Malcolm hood tried on the Hurricane, my apologies for saying that, but a field conversion. According to the new Mushroom publication on the Hurricane, anyway. Although the author has not quite understood the Sea Hurricane, and has included some nonsense about a mine-exploding ring, so perhaps more careful reading of the rest of the book is called for - it looks pretty good otherwise.
For me the booklet looks like a big dissapointment, although funny at times. What the other sources say about the canopy?
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