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Re: Soviet Hurricanes - where, when, ...?

I don't know exactly how thick the P-35/P-41/P-44/P-47 series wings were, assuming they were all related in this manner, but they were not as thick as the Hurricane. In case anyone is getting confused, when a wing is described as being "thick" it is not the absolute value of thickness that is being referred to but the thickness/chord ratio. An aircraft with an elliptical wing (such as the Seversky fighters) will tend to have a "thinner" wing because of the extension of the chord out towards the wingtips.

By sharpening of the leading edge, I presume this means thinning down the first quarter of the chord in order to present a less bluff appearance to the airflow. This would probably (you're stretching the limits of my knowledge here) result in less drag, but also less lift and possibly a sharper stall characteristic.
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