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Re: C-130 shot down by F-100s?

Originally Posted by Alex Smart View Post
150119 - A4E - WL - VMA-311, 16 M NW of Da Many, SVN,hit by AAA during napalm run, pilot ejected safely. ( who was he and did he return safely ?).
1st Lt. Peter W. Otis ejected and was rescued when his Skyhawk (BuNo 150119) was hit by ground fire during a napalm run 16 miles NW of Da Nang.

Originally Posted by Alex Smart View Post
68-15392 - UH-1H - 155th AHC, NF Highway 13, NF Phumi Kantuot, Kracheh province, Cambodia. Hit by ground fire and crashed, 4 killed. 5 survived. ( who were these airmen and did the survivors return safely ?).
Full narrative and list of crew with fate:
(except that it lists only 8 men, so 1 MIA, 3 KIA and 4 recovered alive)
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