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Re: VVS Statistical not full credible data

Problem is that in some other data (war period) you have also under estimated own forces, and for example are excluded all U-2/Po-2 planes (as a non-combat plane). Hundreds of U-2/Po-2 anyway were used from the begining of 22 VI 1941 in military pourpes as a liason/currier "air taxi" plane even by high commanders.
So, all who belive that they got full view about Soviet air potential they have not got this but got about 80-90% of it (comat, military planes).
From these statisctic data are excluded KAE's escadrilas (spooters, laison, ambulance flightss), which had next about 300-600 planes attached to the front, army, corps units.
Anyway this is very hard work to creat such tables.

Second if there data are war data for those, who created them then should better to know that on 22 VI 1941 there were no war between Soviet Union versus Finland or Hungary. So putting the both air power have no sens as on 22 VI 1941.
If do this way also should be added (not included at all) next small air forces of Slovak, Croat, Spain, which had also fought on the Easten Front in 1941 too and later, up to 1944/45. An from 1944 - Estonian , latvian and Rusian KNOR-ROA units.
Slovak had began in June/July 1941, Spain and Croat unit a littel bit later but in November and December 1941 they had fought.
So any way therea are not detail and true data about Axis ally air forces as on 22 VI 1941 as up to the 1945.


PS I do not agree with marsyano "(...)Soviet war-time intellegence data, it would be strange those statistic were very accurate".
You do not know what you are talking about. Read exactly info given under the tables, look at this and read it again carefuly. This is not war-data. Sorry for me not, after the war.

{1}Спецархив ГШ ВС, инв.№ 3570, с.5. Германская армия во второй мировой войне (в цифрах), М., Воениздат, 1946, с.39, 67-81.
{2}Краткий обзор численности, группировки и действий авиации противника в период Отечественной войны 1941-1945 гг.. Главный штаб ВВС, УиРИО, инв.№ 1332, с.25.
{3}Стратегический очерк Великой Отечественной войны 1941-1945 гг., М., Воениздат, 1961, с.364.

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