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Re: Top Bf 109 aces

If I may... I remember upsetting a TOCH member greatly because I dared to try and discuss an issue further with a member under nickname Seaplanes, who posted reply to my initial query on the He 51 designation. Part of the problem was that I just did not know who I was conversing with. And I still don't know it to this date. And... that is perfectly fine. It is a privacy issue, I do not need to know.

However, in order to try and avoid misunderstandings like these, can the individuals who made (far) greater contribution in the field than the rest of us, be given some elevated status (irrespective of the number of their posts) on the TOCH, so they can be approached with a healthy respect thereby avoiding (petty) queries on their sources, or the like?

This is just a proposal for consideration. There might be certain limitations in the software that runs the TOCH that I am not aware of, or the proposal itself cannot be given the green light, or ...

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