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List of "aces" in Bf110 units during 1939-40 with 10 or more victories


This is a working list that I put together from all sources available to me at present, and covers pilots who scored all or a large number of their victories with Bf110 units during 1939-40. Gentzen, for example, scored many of his early victories with the 109, but still made a number of claims while a Bf110 pilot. This only covers pilots with 10 or more victories to their credit and who served with ZG units during that period. I'm working to extend this list down to five victories, but that is not yet ready for posting. Since many of these pilots are poorly documented from a research standpoint, I thought that this might stimulate comments and additional info to further refine this list. This is part of a much larger project, a very small part of which is to fully document all the victory claims of the ZG/LG units that flew the Bf110 during 1939-40. I'm also trying to document the markings of as many of these pilot's aircraft as possible, so if you know of photos from other than standard reference sources, I'd like to hear about them. Remember, I'm only working on material through the end of 1940, which for 110 units, is essentially through the end of the Battle of Britain. If you want to provide comments, corrections of additional info to this list, please cite your sources. You can also contact me through the personal message board. Some of these pilots have also been discussed on recent posts I've made regarding lists of "aces" of some of the ZG units.

TOP SCORING Bf110 Pilots in 1939-40

1) Oblt Hans-Joachim Jabs 19 victories 6./ZG 76
2) Hptm. Johannes Gentzen 18 victories Stab/JGr 102 & Stab I./ZG 2
3) Lt. Hans Schmid 15 victories I./ZG52 & II./ZG 2 (Staffels unk)
4) Lt. Walter Manhart 13 victories 3./ZG26 & 6./ZG 26
5) Oblt. Sophus Baagoe 13 victories 8./ZG 26
6) Lt./Oblt. Eduard Tratt 12 victories 1./ZG 1 & 2./ZG 2
7) Oblt. Rolf Kaldrack 12 victories 4./ZG 1 & 7. & Stab III./ZG 76
8) Hptm. Erich Grothe 12 victories 2./JGr 102 & Stab II./ZG 76
9) Oblt.-Hptm. Heinz Nacke 12 victories 6./ZG 76
10) Oblt. Wilhelm Herget 12 victories 6./ZG 76
11) Fw. Herbert Kutscha 11 victories 6./ZG1 & 9/ZG76
12) Lt. Richard Marchfelder 10 victories Stab II./ZG1 & Stab. III./ZG76
12) Fw. Johannes Lutter 10 victories 4./ZG 1 & 9./ZG76
13) Lt. Kurt Sidow 10 victories 9./ZG 26
14) Oblt. Walter Borchers 10 victories 4./ZG 76
15) Lt. Helmut Müller 10 victories 13.(Z)/LG 1
16) Lt. Hugo Adametz 10 victories 14.(Z)/LG 1

Note: I have been unable to document the 19th victory of Oblt. Jabs, so if anyone knows the dates of all 19 of his victories, I'd especially like to hear about it..
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