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Hans Joachim Marseille

I thought, I should share this with you:

From July 26-28th 2007, Luftwaffe aces Hajo Herrmann, Hans Ekkehard Bob, Walter Schuck, Ernst Scheufele and Karl-Fritz Schlossstein met in Berlin to honour Hans Joachim Marseille, Ernst Udet and Werner Mölders at their graves.

They were invited by a - in my opinion a richer and better millionaire sponsor than "Sudek", named Mr. Klaus Blödorn, Berlin - who personally takes care of Marseilles grave and invests a lot of money in that.

Impressive is the photo, see scan, taken at the moment of silence in front of Marseilles memorial stone in Berlin/Schöneberg, left 94 years old Hajo Herrmann; right to Hajo stands Hans Ekkehard Bob, who - now 90 years old - landed and took off in Berlin-Tempelhof himself with his Jodel...!

All the best, Horst
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