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Re: Ground kills. How they were credited to LW fighter pilots?


Thanks for your answers, however the question has not got any distinct explanation. I see another discrapancy in this case. I checked Prien's volume and there are no info on place and altitude of the claims. The story from Soviet side goes like that:

"at 7.40 a Pe-2 returning from mission take a pair of Me-109s on the sovkhoz Vorobievskiy field (my mistake: Nowo-Melovatka was raided on the previous day). Pe-2 was shot down while landing with crew killed. Afterwards 2 Me-109s strafed the planes on the field, getting two B-3s of 860 BAP and 1 B-3 of 794 BAP caught fire and burned to ashes..."

No claim for Pe-2 can be found for the corresponding time. But Schluter claimed one Pe-2 on the evening of the previous day with no Soviet background for this claim reported...

My question referring mostly to the specialists on the Western front and Africa: were there any clearly defined cases when German pilots claimed purely ground kills as airial?

Another example from the Eastern front activities:
11.11.1942 group of Ju-88s under the escort of II/JG52 attacked Lasarevskoje raiway station in the morning. Weak fighter cover was effectively bounced by II/JG52, that claimed two victories (Steinhoff and Haberda). One Yak-1 was shot down and another badly shot up. Pilot, Mladshiy Leitenant Chernov managed to make belly-landing on the Lasarevskoje field and flee from his stricken plane that was set on fire after landing by strafing Me-109. That can correspond to Krupinski's claim marked as "bodennahe" and difference in 10 minutes between claims of Steihoff, Haberda and Krupinski can be explained as occasioanl technical mistake while reporting. Afterwards, Krupinski claimed in combat another fighter that can be also found in Soviet records. Thus, we have four German claims against two Soviet planes shot down, one damaged and destroyed by a strafing attack on the ground...
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