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Re: NEW BOOK - Fw 190 D Camouflage & Markings - Part

Hello David

Thanks for these kind words .

Now just very few weeks to wait . I can say nothing regarding the time spent on the project with Marc and Tomas .

As you mentionned in your post , the project initially planned for one book was split in 2 complementary issues . One of the main reason was the fact that we were able to get much more material than thought at the early stages of this projet which was also a human and friendship adventure .

New material , means , extra text, extra photo captions , extra drawings and we did not want to sacrifice the main purpose of this study , to propose earlier , unpublished material .

As said on JaPo site , this first issue will cover general information on Fw 190D-9 concerning the markings and the camouflage schemes , and will review in detail the markings and camouflages, of Focke Wulf built Fw 190Ds (Fw 190D-9 & Fw 190D-11) .

The subject of the second volume is easy to guess !

We include, as announced , a loss list of the identified Focke Wulf built Dora-9s .

This forthcoming book , if the first half of a common work initiate 11 years ago with Marc and filled a large part of our free time since then , and even more when elaborating the books themselves !

One more time

Many thanks for your post

Eric Larger
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