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Re: Latest from Michael Balss.

Mr. EdWest2 wrote in part:
I view Luftwaffe history as a very large puzzle that can be solved.
Not quite sure what this means. The history of the Luftwaffe is a function of: (1) the documents that survived the war, (2) Allied intelligence collections (ULTRA, P/W interrogations, aerial reconnaissance, etc.), (3) along with oral and written testimonials from veterans and the published literature. The final missing pieces from Item (1) are currently appearing online courtesy of the project, (2) has been fully exploited by many of the researchers and historians who appear here on TOCH, and it is now too late for (3) as most of these veterans are now gone.

So, have I missed something? I'm guessing you are referring to the missing 1944 Gen.Qu.(6.Abt.)/Genst.d.Lw. Verlustmeldungen? Some of our members have pretty well reconstructed these using the summarische Verlustmeldungen at BAMA together with the namentliche Verlustmeldungen for 1944, copies of which some here have.

I don't think there are any important Luftwaffe document collections that remain undiscovered, but I would be delighted to hear about them if there are.

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