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Re: Latest from Michael Balss.

Originally Posted by Nick Beale View Post
[indent] A lot of people in the Luftwaffe evidently had real problems with non-German place names.
.....which in my experience goes for any country. I for instance have huge spelling problems when it comes to French or Italian names/places. Not easy when a language sort of swallows half the word as "unpronounced"

Travelling east I suppose the Germans tried to spell Russian (Soviet) names as they pronounced them, which today is pretty baffling when trying to locate where they actually were (or crashed)

Come to think of it, you British are not to bad at "swallowing up" certain group of words either. Unless taught, who can imagine that, for instance, Gloucester should be pronounced as Gloster? Luckily the manufacturer understood what was at stake....

Travelling in Wales, I am quite sure even a linguistic professor will have a hard time spelling certain place names. Me? I refuse to even try....

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