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Re: Oberst Alf Giesse Wekusta 2.Ob.d.L

GIESSE, Alf. (DOB: 26.12.02). (i.G.). 01.04.24 entered service with the Heer (Kavallerie). 01.01.28 promo to Lt. 01.03.31 promo to Oblt. 01.03.34 trf to the Luftwaffe and ordered to Fliegerschule Braunschweig for Beobachter (observer) training. 01.04.34 promo to Hptm. 01.10.34 appt Kp.-Chef at Fliegerschule Neuruppin. 01.01.35 appt instructor and inspector at Infanterie-Schule Dresden. 01.10.35 appt air tactics instructor at LKS Berlin-Gatow. 01.06.36 appt air tactics instructor at Flieger-Waffenschule Hildesheim. 01.11.37 attended the Höh.Lw.-Schule Berlin-Gatow (5. Lehrgang) (to 08.02.38). 09.02.38 trf to 3.Abt./Genst.d.Lw. 01.06.38 promo to Maj. 1939 certified fluent in English. 05.01.39 Generalstab training at the Luftkriegsakademie Berlin-Gatow (to 31.03.39). 26.08.39 ordered to Stab/Koluft AOK 8 on temporary duty and appt Ic (to 01.10.39). 01.10.39 ordered Stab/Gen.d.Lw. beim Ob.d.H. on temporary duty (to 08.01.40). 09.01.40 appt Staka 2.(Pz)/Aufkl.Gr. 31 (to 06.07.40). 07.07.40 appt Kdr. Aufkl.Gr. 41 (to 14.02.41). 15.02.41 Maj., appt Kdr. Gruppenfliegerstab 41 (a.k.a. Gruppenflieger XIV.(mot) A.K.) (to 09.41 or 09.12.41). 10.12.41 appt Ia in Stab/Luftgaukdo. VIII. 01.02.42 promo to Obstlt. and trf into the Generalstab d.Lw. 23.02.42 ordered to Stab/Fliegerführer Krim for temporary duty as Ia (to 06.05.42). 01.06.42 trf to Führerreserve Ob.d.L./RLM and ordered to Stab/Luftflotte 4 for temporary duty and appt Verbindungs-Offz. to Heeresgruppe A. 29.04.43 ordered to Aufkl.Gr. 123 for temporary duty (to 16.05.43). 17.05.43 Obstlt., appt Kdr. Aufkl.Gr. 123 (to 04.09.43). 04.09.43 Obstlt. and Kdr. Aufkl.Gr. (F) 123, MIA – flying as Beobachter (observer) in Ju 88 D-1 that failed to return from a recce mission to the British Isles area. 1945 promo to Oberst (DOR withheld but later adjusted to 01.09.43).

[Source: HLdeZ/DGS data base]

Westa 2 Ob.d.L. was one of the units under Aufkl.Gr. (F) 123, which Giesse commanded. Giesse was not "in" Westa 2 Ob.d.L.
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