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Re: Oberst Alf Giesse Wekusta 2.Ob.d.L

Originally Posted by schnellmeyer View Post
Hi Larry , thanks very much for your help , super information . Do you have any information on Giesse death's or who he flew with on the day he was lost .
Nope, sorry. One of the losses guys here will have to field that one for you. The Blitz - Then and Now, vol. 3 (p.293), just says a Ju 88 from 1.(F)/121 was missing that date, and my notes have:

".......on 4 September Ju 88 D-l (7A+LH) failed to return from a mission. Included in the crew reported missing was Obstlt. Alfred Giesse, Kommandeur of Aufklärungsgruppe (F) 123, who was flying as observer/navigator."

That's all I have since I did not note the names of crew members below the rank of Oblt. when I was working with the loss reports 20-25 years ago.


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