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"BW" serial number Husons in RAF Service


Details of service use of Lockheed Hudson's in RAF service wanted.
Those in question are the 150 odd aircraft in the "BW" serial number range.
I have both BA-BZ editions and The BAC & Lend-Lease books by Air Britain as well as Profile 253 and Andrew Hendrie's book.
The on line RAF serials website also gives the barest of info on this serial number range. Those used by Australia, New Zealand and Canada are well documented and on the WWW. those used by the RAF are almost unknown.

I have got the list down to the following.
BW774 retained by Lockheed, what became of her ?
BW636; BW637 both crashed before delivery, What happened to them ?
BW409; BW411; BW445; BW684; BW699, all used by 45 Group.What was their service history ?
BW385; BW420; BW422; BW424; BW425; BW426; BW427; BW428; BW429; BW435; BW440; BW446; BW455; BW459; BW615; BW714; BW721; BW769; BW773. What of these ?

All the rest in the BW361 to BW777 range are accounted for (US Navy; USAAF; RAAF, RCAF; China and RNZAF) .

Anything known of the RAF aircraft ?


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