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Re: "BW" serial number Husons in RAF Service

The Lockheed Twins published by Air Britain lists more detail on these airframes, but exact fate of some aircraft could be unclear. For example:

A-29 41-23576 USAAF del 2 Feb 42. Tf to
RCAF as BW714. Crashed Long Beach/CA 3 Feb 42 prior dely.

A-29 41-23583 USAAF del 13 Feb 42
BW721 ntu). Mod for Chinese AF, del 8 Jul 42. Fate uk

A-29 41-23631 USAAF del 12 Apr 42 to
Long Beach/CA. Tf to RAF as BW769 by Oct 42. To 45Gp in
Canada. Dam MontrealJPQ (alo Jul 43). Repaired & sold to
Canadian Pacific AIL, regd CF-CRJ 15 May 46. To The
Photographic Survey Corp May 49, cvtd survey acft. Lsd
Kenting Avn Ltd (alo Jun 56). WFU. Restored as RAF Hudson
"T9422", preserved N Atlantic Avn Museum display
Gander/Nfld since May 84.

A-29 41-23635 USAAF del 12 Apr 42 to
Long Beach/CA. Crashed in USA prior Jan 43, nfd (BW773 ntu).

A-29 41-23636 USAAF del 12 Apr 42 to
Long Beach/CA. sed for u"ansition flts. Crashed prior Oct 42 in
USA, nfd (BW774 ntu)

From AAIR web site databases:

A-29 41-23583 (BW721) - crashed in Puerto Rico 20.07.42

RA-29 41-23635 (BW773) - crashed on take-off from Long Beach Municipal Airport 11 March 1942

RA-29 41-23636 (BW774) - crashed on landing Long Beach Municipal Airport 16 March 1942

You can order full accident reports from their site

Hope, this would be of some help
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