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Re: 837 Sqn air crash on or before 4/3/47

Hello all,
Many thanks to you all. Your efforts are most welcome.
Twocee, George you nailed it.
I did not think to look at Corsairs.
I could not find his name in the index's of either 39-45 or 46 + books.
Have now looked and details are there on KD669. So thank you.
My problem began when the Family History RN History .net site gave 837 Sqn and HMS Venerable, while the RN's FAA Museum Roll of Honour gives 836 Sqn and HMS Glory.
836 Sqn disbanded some time before 1947.
So had to ask here for help.
Again to you all, Thank you.


PS - any ides as to how he became flying with 721B Sqn ?
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