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Re: 364th Fighter Group Combat Reports

Here is Barne's report for February 14, 1945. “While leading White Flight I saw a flight of 12 to 15 E/A coming 100 degrees to big friends, at same altitude. I told flight to drop tanks and pulled in behind the E/A. By this time they were diving towards the high cirrus clouds. The group turned slightly to the right and one straggler turned towards the bombers. When I registered many strikes around both wings and bottom of fuselage from 500 yds he lost control. During another 2 second burst his canopy came off. When I began firing the 190 began to push over in a bout a 45 degree dive. When I pulled out at 10,000’ indicating 550 MPH he went straight into the overcast. Tops at about 4,000’. My wing man, Lt. Heyn can confirm this victory. I claim one FW 190 destroyed.”

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