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Re: RAF/RN pilot H.F. Bromwich

Thanks Bruce and RSwank.

Another few pieces of the puzzle! Commander of 801 Sqn until Jul 44 would suggest Bromwich was possibly involved in Operation Tungsten (Apr 44) and also fits into the timeline of his follow up posting to HMS Landrail in Jul 44.

I also picked up an error in my original post relating to the accident in Seafire LR877 with 887 Sqn. I incorrectly listed a later incident linked to another pilot whereas Bromwich’s accident in LR877 was earlier on 17 Mar 44 with 880 Sqn.

It seems 880 and 801 Sqns were both embarked on HMS Furious during Tungsten so he may have been piloting an 880 Sqn Seafire on that date?

A couple of extra links, one from a google books preview of Malcolm Smith’s The Fleet Air Arm. It is a recollection by E.V.B. Morton of HMS Pursuer which adds credence to Bromwich’s pre-war RAF ME posting and we now have a nickname of ‘Scruffy’. “A very experienced pilot, he served with the RAF before transferring to the Navy. He told the most hair-raising stories of his experiences bombing rebel Pathan forts and strongpoint in the North West Frontier between the wars.”

Google search has cut out most of preview so would welcome if anyone who has access to this book could provide more detail.

Second link is also a recollection by Morgan when HMS Pursuer was at Port Swettenham in 1945. Bromwich apparently brought a crated Tiger Moth onboard!

Taking above references into account apparently he was (Commander Flying) and still onboard HMS Pursuer by Aug 45 after initial posting during Oct 44.

regards, Drew
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