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Re: Bf110 rudder (victories) markings - photos sold on Ebay

REVI, yes I am aware that several German night-fighters achieved night victories with the Do 215 (Becker), Do 217 (Hans Krause, whom I contacted a long time ago; and several other members of NJG 100, NJG 200, NJG 4, etc...). However, the aircraft victories symbols on the photograph seems to be DAY CLAIMS and not NIGHT FIGHTER CLAIMS (I am sure you have seen this enclosed picture of the rudder from the Ju 88 C-6 from Wittgenstein C9+AE or C9+DE ). I am most intrigued by the symbols below..which for me are "Baloon victories". However, it seems they were achieved over Russia (is that a Red Star)?!?! Thanks for your guess that maybe this is the rudder of a former NJG 100 pilot. Could those last symbols be "U-2 courrier" aircraft? (I do not believe so....honestly).All the best and let's hope the owner of this photo can add something...
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