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Re: Highest scored VVS IAP in WWII

AFAIK, the highest scoring IAP's were the following (theses scores come from various sources and are expressed in "aircrafts destroyed", so that I don't know wether they include those destroyed on the ground or not...) :

1. 402 IAP : 810 kills, it was one of the "test pilots' units" created at the beginning of the war, and flew the Mig-3, then the Yak-1, Yak-7, Yak-9, and Yak-3.

2. 5 GIAP (ex-129 IAP): 735 kills, was in the process of converting from the I-16 to the Mig-3 in June 1941, then flew the LaGG-3, the La-5, and the La-7 at the very end of the war.

3. 16 GIAP (ex-55 IAP): 697 kills, also converting from the I-153 and I-16 to the Mig-3 in june 1941, then flew the Yak-1 and the P-39 with which it achieved fame (it was the unit of the most famous soviet ace : A.I. Pokryshkin).

I know that a few other units achieved scores of more than 500 kills but don't know much details about these, except that 9 GIAP (ex-69 IAP, 558 kills) and 812 IAP are among them...
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