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Re: Memories of Claus von Stauffenberg

What is almost certainly sure is that no Ju 87 was shot down over France in 1942. AFAIK the only Ju 87 in France at this date were training units that were not engaged by Allied aircraft.

So either he survived a non-combat related crash and was lost 18 months later (in late 1943-1944) on the Eastern Front. Or he was shot down during the campaign of 1940 and was shot down over the Eastern Front 18 months later (so in early 1942). But in both cases, the Eastern Front data is outside the time period where the battle of Stalingrad was fought...

So I think you can just ignore the dates given in the article. Having the maiden name of Ruth-Eva Esnouf will give a clue to the members of this forum who have extensive Luftwaffe loss lists, so you can try genealogy websites to find it.

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Edited: second though, I took a "Stuka pilot" to be a Ju 87 pilot, but he could also have been a fighter-bomber pilot. These operated from France in 1942 and in late 1943 and 1944 were far more common on the Eastern front than Ju 87 pilots. Still without name it will be difficult to identify him.
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