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Re: Memories of Claus von Stauffenberg

Just checked a genealogy website, Claus von Stauffenberg had three brothers (one died on the day of his birth) and his wife has according to the website no siblings, so if Mrs Esnouf was his niece, according to this website she was born under the name of von Stauffenberg, and her brother too.

Or the family link is not so close.

I found in the Australian Archives a trace of her arrival in Australia with her husband and son in 1951:
But her maiden name is not given.

By the way I wonder is what she said of the German part of her life could be believed.
"A life as an award-winning European film star before the war". Given that she was born in late 1919, she had little time to become a star, and is not on the list below of German movie stars of Third Reich area (or under a completely different name):

And as mad and evil as Hitler and the nazi were, not all male members of von Stauffenberg family were executed: Claus and one of his brothers were, but another brother and Claus's two sons survived the war (and did not die in Soviet jail).
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