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French GC II/4 on 27/09/1939

Hello all

Source:"les curtis H-75,p.189"
"Tody,two Bf.109D (JGr.153!!!) FOUND ON THE GROUND will be homologated to three pilots(Adj.Tesseraud,Adj.Plubeau, la Chapelle)...FOUND ON THE GROUND????.

Source:Fledgling Eagles
Uffz.Kopke's aircraft (JGr176) went down in flames to crash near "Unterharmersbach"(GERMANY),Lt.Rinow baled out near Triberg (GERMANY).

Source:J.Prien JDV TEIL 2
Oblt.Rinow and Uffz.Kopke "ZUSAMMENSTOSS IN DER LUFT" BUT on 29/09/1939 and not the 27/09/1939

Source:French magazine "avions HS n20
Three Bf.109 shot down by GC II/4 near "Wolferschein";300km (by car) of Triberg.

Several questions arise:
What is the correct date of the "incidents" and the right reason involving the JGr.176?

What is the identity of the victims (victims?) of the French?...found on the ground?

Unless I'm mistaken,the French only confirmed the opponents who fell in their lines?

Thanks in advance
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