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Obitaury--Hptm. Fritz Karch--II./JG2

Hptm. Fritz Karch was the last commander of II./JG2. Earlier in the war in the summer of 1943, then Ltn. Karch shot down my father's B-17F in l'Orne, France.

I am completing a sequel to my father's memoir of WW-II and would like to add an appendix with as biogrpahy of Hptm. Karch. I have the information I need for the WW-II period, but know nothing about his post-war years.

I would be greatful if someone could post here or e-mail me (, his obituary in either English or German. Hptm. Karch died on 30 Dec 2001 at Beyreuth, Bavaria.


Warren Carah
Brighton, MI
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