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Re: Ghostbombers updates

New this morning on are:
  • The third instalment of the article about Kommandos Götz, Sperling and Hecht, and 1.(F)/123, covering January and February 1945.
  • He 111 torpedo operations: July–August 1940, new information on ships that were attacked.
  • More details of the later careers of Bf 109s W.Nr. 15862 and 412169 of Staffel Kaatsch.
  • Werk Nummern of two Bf 109s of II./EJG 1 attached to JG 7 for target presentation.
  • A signal mentioning Oberst von dem Bongart in the last days of the war.
  • 1./NAG 1: a new note about Me 262 A-4 aircraft at Lechfeld and a revised page layout.
  • 1.(F)/100: a note about belated efforts to support the 6. SS Division around Bad Orb.
  • Minor corrections.
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