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Exotic Me 262 "Black 4" Paint Scheme Interpretation

At the moment, I'm working on a 1/72 model of an Academy kit Me 262 that depicts a Me 262 that served with JG 7. It's called "Black "4." I'm in the process of building it.

Here are three photos I've come across of the actual aircraft, found abandoned at an airfield in Prague at the war's end.

The light-colored replacement nose is the outstanding feature of this beautiful bird. From what I understand, most commentators identify the paint on the nose section as being either a "whitish" shade of RLM 76 (light blue) or else RLM 77 Primer Grey. Does anyone know of other possibilities? I'm inclined to think it's RLM 76.

Regarding the overall paint scheme, I'm familiar with two interpretations:

1) uppersurfaces are a single color: RLM 83 Dark Green.
2) uppersurfaces are in a "standard splinter scheme" of RLM 82 Light Green and RLM 83 Dark Green (or possibly RLM 81?) According to this view, the splinter scheme is almost impossible to detect in the photos because the paint was very densely sprayed onto the airframe.

Of these interpretations, the first seems the most likely to me based on the above photos I've looked at. What do all you think?

There is another feature of this aircraft that I have not read about in any commentaries or discussions about "Black 4." It is especially visible in the highest quality photo I've posted. I am intrigued by what appears (to me) to be a very lightly painted ( I think RLM 76) engine panel on the starboard wing. It is positioned above the area where the (missing) engine nacelle is supposed to be located. However, in no profiles of "Black 4" have I seen any acknowledgement of this apparently light-colored engine panel which I suppose must be a replacement part... Might my eyes be playing tricks on me. Any thoughts?

I would love to know your insights or interpretations concerning any and all aspects of "Black 4"!
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