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Re: 2019 Edition of the Officer Careers Summary

Originally Posted by Chris Goss View Post
Stig: I know for a fact there are a number of duplications and no doubt Larry & Doug have tackled this
Indeed, fellow researchers, colleagues and friends, duplications and other glitches are inevitable is a work of this scope that uses both unpublished and published material. For example, the only Luftwaffe documents that consistently used an officer's first name along with his last name are those originated by a Personalamt (personnel department). So, for example, if one runs into the name Bauer, Hoffmann and Mueller in other than personnel records, and there is no first name accompanying it, it is very difficult to match it to one of the officers by that name that we already have in our Lw.OCS. We are constantly on the watch for this, and when we find a duplicate or other problem we are sure of we delete it. The more entries we have for each name, the less of a problem this becomes.


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