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Re: Question on He 115s with 1./106 in 1939

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Dear Tim, by November 1940 the He 115 had been out of production for several months. The very last He 115C left the EHF production line in July 1940. This is very well documented in the RLM aircraft production reports for this period, all to be found in the Bundesarchiv-Militararchiv, Freiberg, RL3 series of documents.
Unfortunately, so much incorrect information on Luftwaffe seaplanes over the past 50 years has been published by people not having time to bother about checking the original contemporary documentation available. This is in particular related to the He 115.
Sorry, my error. The date for the B-1 starting production in my post above should have been November 1939 and not 1940. So what is the best guess for the model of He 115 M2+FH on 5th September 1939?

Thanks for the help.
Best wishes
Tim O.

Looking for any information or documents relating to:
Alfred Schmittka 5./KG 54; Josef Harmeling 4.(Schlacht)/LG 2; Wilhelm Gaul 1./106, 2./906 & III./KG 40; Karl Müller I./KG 2; Werner Breese 5.(F)/122
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