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Re: French hand over of downed Luftwaffe crews in 1940

Just to update some claims for pilots mentioned by Laurent:

Walter Maurer 1 in Spain, 1 in Poland, 2 in France, later 3 in Russia before being shot down over England with 16./KG 6 (PoW again)

Johannes Oertel 1 in France

Franz Mentzel 1 in Poland

Walter Grabmann 7 in Spain, 1 in France, later 5 in BoB

Kurt Rosenkrantz 2 in France, later 2 in BoB plus 2 B-17s u/c in 1943

Herfried Kloimüller 1 subsequent claim

Wilfried von Balka later 1 in Russia

Erich Schröder 1 in France


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