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JG 2 vs Circus N 70


for the specialists on this forum

I try to verify the claiming of germans with the actual losses of the RAF
for example: 12/8/1941

The JG2 claimed 13 Spitfires vs Circus n 70 between 11.43 hour and 13.16 hour.
Stab/JG2 =8 ( 5 by Oesau !)
III/JG2 =5

the actual losses of the RAF were "only" 4 spitfires??:
Sgt Russel of 485Sq
? of 485Sq damaged cat.2
Sgt Bell-Walker of 602Sq
? of 602Sq very damaged?

Archives of the RAF for that day would be incomplete??

If it's not, "you have say overclaiming" wow! overclaiming!!
It seems incredible for me that the RLM validated all these "victories"

further informations?

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