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JFV 12/I - Additions and Corrections


it has become some sort of habit that whenever I get my copy of a new volume, the first thing I see is a typo. Typos however are annoying but not outright mistakes.

Through some so far undetected glitch, in Vol. 12/I there are two flaws in the tables on pages 20 and 29 which I cannot explain at all as in my final manuscript version they were correct. (No blame nor offense meant towards Rogge at all !)

On page 20 the Kommodores of JG 3 were of course Obstlt. Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke and of JG 52 Maj. Dietrich Hrabak. The corresponding changes from Lützow to Wilcke and from Ihlefeld / Gollob to Hrabak have already been dealt with correctly in JFV 9/II.

In the table on page 29 the 4.(Jabo)/JG 54 has been omitted so that their clems and losses are not included in the overall totals. We will update and correct the table in JFV 12/III.


Jochen Prien
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