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Re: Information concerning loss of Uffz. Heinrich Sedlak - 01.07.1941

The Do 17 loss was for 10-May-40 - the crew was likely released at some point during the French campaign.

Per the Gen.Qu. for the 2-Jul-42 report the WNr. was 4232 and crew maybe returned. Per Matti's information, that was not the case. WNr. 4223 was damaged with III./KG 77 in Mar-41. WNr. 4232 was reported damaged with 2./KG 77 on 31-Aug-41. His NLV info should supersede the GQM data.

Do 17Z, , Reiske, Fw. Walter, , III., 7., KG 76, , F1+DR, , , 10-May-40, POW with crew due to Luftkampf with fighters from GC II/2. All later released?, , Lfl.3/Westfeldzug, Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #1)-Vol.1; Sacre/Gillet, Bataille Aerienne et Rupture sur La Meuse, p.146; cbe2009 via TOCH on 29-Sep-12, , östlich Fontaine-les-Vervins, 100%, F, Bf Fw. Heinrich Sedlak, Bm fw. Ernst Brauer & Bs Gefr. Karl Fritz, 05.30,

Ju 88A-5, 4232, Griesinger, Oblt. Eberhard, , III., 7., KG 76, weiße B, F1+BR, , , 02-Jul-41, Stkp. Reported lost, cause unknown. Crew and plane returned., F Emanuel Grisinger, Bs Fw. Franz Märs per loss., Lfl.1/Eins.Osten, Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #3)-Vol.5; Salonen via TOCH on 29-Sep-12, Medcalf, Ort unbekannt, 30%, F, B Ofw. Ludwig Weiß, Bf Ofw. Heinrich Sedlak & Bs Fw. Lorenz März, , Dornier Flzg.Werke Wismar in Nov-40.

Ju 88A-5, 4223, n.n., , III., III., KG 77, , , , , 28-Mar-41, Undercarriage damage., , Lfl.3/Deutschland, Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #3)-Vol.4; Foreman, 1941-The Turning Point, I, p.281, Medcalf, Fl.Pl. Illesheim, 20%, H, , , Dornier Flzg.Werke Wismar in Oct-40.

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