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Re: JFV 12/I - Additions and Corrections

I missed this thread and posted on another the following but never have another.
Page 85
05.07.1943 4./JG 3 uffz Eduard Bartsch Pe-2 (2) 12.52 PlQu. 35 Ost/61622, 5 km noedlich Tomarowka (Should be 61322 the other is to far away from that location).

page 85
Has 5./JG 3 Oblt Joachim Kirschner Il-2 (150) 03.40 and Jak 1 (151) 03.41 but just below is 5./JG 3 Oblt Joachim Kirschner Il-2 (38) 03.44 PlQu. 35 Ost/60142, nordoestlich Charkow. Is this another Joachim Kirschner in 5./JG3 or is this a misprint with another name suppose to be in this spot?
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