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Re: Good Flight Combat Books Anybody?

Das Tagebuch Hauptmann Helmut Lipfert is very good and IIRC it’s translated to English, the title something like Captain Lipfert’s War Diary.

Other very good LW memoirs are IMHO that of Peter Düttmann, hopefully it is translated to English.

Finnish AF aces
Eino “Eikka” Luukkanen’s memoirs, translated as Luukkanen, Eino. Fighter Over Finland: the Memoirs of a Fighter Pilot. London: Macdonald & Company Ltd.., 1963. (Reprinted 1980 by Arno Press, NY as ISBN 0-405-12191-1. and in 1989 by Time-Life, NY as ISBN 0-80949-620-8.)
see more on him

Juutilainen, Eino Ilmari (translated by Nikunen, Heikki). Double Fighter Knight. Tampere, Finland: Apali Oy, 1996. ISBN 9-52502-604-3.

IMHO best memoirs are Vasili B. Emelianenko’s Red Star Against Swastika
“Johnnie” Johnsson’s Wing Leader
Neville Duke’s War Diaries
US members know these better but the re is a series of books by Eric Hammel, Aces Against Germany, Aces Against Japan etc
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