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Special Luftwaffe Test Aircraft


I am looking for information about special Luftwaffe test aircraft with mixed propulsion, that means with a Diesel and a normal piston engine.

From appr. 1943 onwards there must have been certain air tests in the south-easterly direction of Berlin.

So in 1944 north of Gut Altgolssen, Spreewald, near a huge estate and farm there was installed temporarily a movable device in the “middle of nowhere. Such device, something like a movable radar-station with a rapid moving part on a telescope arm generated electromagentic radiation for stalling aeroengines. According to a witness, copper cables were running to the apparatus from a nearby concrete structure, i.e. a small bunker where a generator was mounted.

For testing the device, a test aircraft must have made one or several fly-pasts probably in different altitudes for finding-out if the machinery worked. Diesel engines were not affected by the EM-radiation.

-Who has information about Luftwaffe test aircraft, like Ju 52 or He 111 equipped with a Diesel and a regular aeroengine? Unit, location, i.e. Jueterbog? Which contractor was responsible for the tests (SS, Luftwaffe, Siemens, Telefunken, Heer? Other test should have been made around Zossen, were the army HQ was located).

Such a device could have been interesting to stall the engines of incoming Allied bomber streams, so that they could be shot-down afterwards by Flak.

Another device was used to attack straffing Allied aircraft.

EM-radiation (something like a electromagntic pulse gun) was used, according to official U.S. documents, to jam the flight of Lt. Hitt`s P-38 over Frankfurt/Main - sortie No. 3832. He flew in the northern part of Frankfurt while his wing man who was not disturbed flew in the southern region of FFM.

It may be possible that Lt. Hitt was attacked from the nearby “Grosse Feldberg” in the Feldberg mountains. There at the Feldberg was installed the first TV transmitter in 1938 on a big tower, and during the war there was a huge “Stoerdorf”, jamming installation for jamming Allied radio frequencies. So enough enegery for a EM gun must have been available.

To find out if the Germans had more such guns and EM-devices, a
P-38 “Droopsnoot” # 42-28479 was converted and equipped with instruments for finding specical EM-radiation. Allegely no flights should have been made with this “Lightning.

-Who has information about a/c P-38 # 42-28479 and the EM-tests? Who has information about the Great Feldberg in Hessen (biggest Mountain) and the installations on top of it and if certain special troops in connection with civil personnel from Siemens or Telefunken made at the end of 1944 certain tests to bring-down Allied fighter aircraft with EM-radiation.

At the opposite side of the Feldberg, near Hanau at the airfield Gross-Ostheim experiments with X-rays were conducted by Dr. Schiebold of the “Forschungstelle Gross-Ostheim” to kill enemy pilots with hard X-ray and Gamma radiation.

-Has anyone information if near Gross-Ostheim there were mysterious aircraft crashes in the last stages of WWII?

-I am also looking for information about electrokinetic propulsion trials made by the Luftwaffe or other German organisations (SS, Peenemuende).

A special unmanned air vehicle using electrostatic propulsion was used by movable SS units in the very last stages of WWII. How such and other crafts work can be read in U.S.-patent 3,095,167 by H.C. Dudley “Apparatus for the Promotion and Control of vehicular Flight”.

Such experiments are very old, appr. in full swing after WWI from the 1920s onward. Also rockets with an additional electrostatic propulsion were used. Has anyone information if Peenemuende used such an additional prop. for the V-2?

Question about such EM-propulsion (Electron –Impact) made in Germany, like tests with metal dust used i.e. on a Fieseler Storch, see another posting of Junkers.

Best wishes
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