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Re: Special Luftwaffe Test Aircraft

I do not have the book, but you may want to consider German Secret Flight Test Centres by Heinrich Beauvais et al.

You may wish to read about the work of T. Townsend Brown and his gravitator. Also look under the subject electrogravitics. In the October 1919 issue of Electrical Experimenter, Nikola Tesla wrote an article titled "The Art of Telautomatics" which describes his cigar shaped, electric flying machine. This was a general circulation magazine of which the Germans would have been aware. All secret weapons research was taken over by the SS toward the end of the war.

There are articles about Tesla, the Germans and the Japanese working on a "death ray." However, I suggest you look into work done by Siemens on betatrons (a 6 MeV version was built and operated in 1944). I am sure you are aware of the report titled "Investigation into German Possible Use of Rays to Neutralize Allied Aircraft Motors" dated 6 Dec. 1944. There is also a C.I.O.S. Report about the work of Dr. Georg Otto Erb that mentions electric propulsion.


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