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Re: Losses of FK I on 29.5.44

Losses of I/JG52:
29.05.1944 1 aircraft, damaged on landing
30.05.1944 1 aircraft, total loss, air combat (Uffz Lechner KIA)
01.06.1944 2 aircraft, total loss, non-combat ("tech. Mängel")
04.06.1944 2 aircraft, total loss, non-combat ("Betriebsstörung")
05.06.1944 2 aircraft, loss ?, non-combat ("tech. Mängel")
06.06.1944 2 aircraft, loss ?, 1x Motor, 1x combat w 8 P-39 "safe landing, Fw. Nordmann WIA"
09.06.1944 1 aircraft, loss ?, non-combat ("Betriebsstörung")

II/JG52 will follow soon.

One more thing:
On 1st of June, the Axis flew ca. 650 missions, again all in this small area...
Liebe Grüsse, yogy
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