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Re: Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 9 / III

Dear Günter,

it's not so much a matter of fear that I might not be able to finish the JFV series; but as you can imagine a lot of things can happen that could lead to a completely different situation. Running my own law office and having a family with three little boys - aged 7, 5 and 1 - and having a lot of other things that need to be looked after it is easily imaginable the there might arise a situation when I simply don't find the neccessary time to work on the series as until now. I therefore want to make it clear that as much as I enjoy writing the JFV series I have to make it clear that this is no obligation of mine but pure pastime and so nobody could ever blame me if I ever should call an end to this effort before actually reaching May the 8th, 1945.

As for the follow up on Zerstörer- and Nightfighter units - no promise was made, it was just to make clear that if at all they were to be dealt with in a different series. And as for me I can definitely say that I won't be in on either of them.


Jochen Prien
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