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Re: Wartime colour (Kodachrome) photo of a VVS Yak-9

Originally Posted by Dénes Bernád View Post
I just bought a pair of original photos showing a bellied single-seat Il-2, Nr. White 2, where the edge around the fuselage and tail star is definitely not white. I'd say 99% that it's yellow.

You have colour photos of yellow-edged VVS stars? There are numerous b/w photos showing seemingly non-white edges. Yet that is no confirmation of them being in yellow.

During the years between my original posting (2005) and present time I have seen one Finnish document about a pair of Il-2s observed with yellow noses and star surrounds. The observation was made in very early hours of morning so still not a 100% verification. That was over Lake Ladoga late Summer 1944. May have been artillery spotters or reconnaissance planes. Those had different marking rules for rapid recognition.

Recceswind. I do not have the colour photo, it was posted by someone else.

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